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 west canoe                                 2020

welcome to our website!

West Canoe is a finnish company that rents and sells  canoes and  kayaks (also Sit-On-Top).

Our home is in Kristinestad, 100 km south from Vaasa on the western coast of Finland. But You don´t have to come to us (although You are welcome, of course!)- we bring the equipment to You! Just name the place where You want to paddle. (Preferably in the western part of the country though. We can help You to find a nice paddling place, too!)

Address:  Svalholmsvägen 220, 64100 Kristinestad

Phone : 35840 1642162


Prices 2019 , VAT 24% incl.

Kayak for one person

One day       40 €

24 hours       50 €

Extra days    25 €/day

Week         150 €

Canoe or two person kayak

One day    50 €

24 hours    60 €

Extra days   30 €/day

Week        180 €

Equipment included:  kayak or canoe, paddles and personal floating device.


please ask!

Payment when recieving the equipment.

Renters are required to agree to pay for any damage to the equipment caused by them.